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Susanna Wolfe
Singer Songwriter

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                   Tel / txt -  07918646081             E Mail : - susannawolfe@btinternet.com

Hi My Name is Susanna Wolfe

Welcome to my web pages

I call myself a singer songwriter.

My writing influences stem from my childhood when my family would gather together to sing ballads and tell stories.

My songs are reflections of things that have happened either to myself or to those close to me. I guess you could say that they are stories  in themselves .

You can find samples on this page from my first album, Thiss Time, Which was recorded in Birmingham. In  1999  And my new albums Healing Rain  which  was recorded at Camden street Studios Evanton It was a long time in the making because I had to go through my own personal journey of discovery.

and  my most recent album Love is a hunger recorded at Blackwater studios Garve



Classically trained as a vocalist, dabbled in folk, discovered Punk ( major family upset)
Played with Mick Smith (God Rest his soul) of the “Softies”

Oxford Band SUKO signed to Oyster Records released single “living in paradise
Sang on occasions with “Sweet FA”
Still did solo gigs, supported Wishbone Ash at Folkstone Stadium.
Joined Birmingham Band “She’s the Leader” Supported Metallica
Recorded with Ian Jones at Ritch Bitch Studios with “Faith no More”

Susanna Wolfe Band based in Birmingham featured Blues Guitarist Maz Mitrenko and Session Drummer Jamie Little, Supported Trevor Burton (the Move) and Steve Gibbons
Backing vocalist with “The Dick Tracey Band”
Worked as a session vocalist.
Left to form 404 Productions, Studio based in jewellery quarter in Birmingham. As well as creating many dance remixes for artists of the day, was also involved in writing for other artists and various recording projects. We also did sound and light design for theatre and events
At the same time was the vocal tutor for Stage 2 theatre company and Little Big theatre Company
Everything goes a bit pear shaped so head to the hills (Scotland)
Life hits rock bottom and I reassess my life
Decide I want to write songs for myself
Meet some great musicians
Recorded with Davie Munro from Camden Street Studios Evanton  ( helped me sort my head out and get my confidence back, owe him loads)
Play gigs around the Highlands as well as popping down south for a few recording sessions and gigs
Played with Inverness bands "The Deeds" and “The Trace” and had a wild time - very popular bands featuring Jazz Henderson, Bass player with Scooty and the SkyHooks and Colin Saunders, an amazing drummer.
Approached by Blackwater Studios to be their first Recording Artist .

Now concentrating on promoting my own material, new recording projects and playing live, accompanied by Davie Munro

and Robin Bell

Check out my Facebook page for forthcoming gigs!   


               Check me out on Facebook                          /www.facebook.com/pages/Susanna-Wolfe

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New EP album
True Flight
out now
Available on sales page